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why Digital Blanket

Traditional building automation systems are point solutions, fragmented, high on investment and cannot retrofit into existing buildings where integration of multiple legacy and IoT devices is needed for smarter management and delivering high efficiencies.

Digital Blanket is a smart building technology that caters to addressing all the categories and ensuring we fully unlock the value of 3-30-300 components. Digital Blanket is a modern automation system that can be easily adopted in a building with disparate systems with the ability to tie modern appliances with legacy systems keeping all your buildings connected and automated. Digital Blanket apart from reporting and monitoring these various systems also provides correlation analytics and integration with service management tools enabling better management and helping facility managers with insights to making smart decisions.



30 minutes / day

Save upto 30 minutes / day of employee productive time with way finding, meeting room management and guided parking.

10% to 25%

Save 10% to 25% of energy with energy management and occupancy based control while ensuring employees comfort.

command and control

Create centralized command and control for all your buildings and campuses, enable easy and simplified management.

Promote and manage

Promote and manage a healthy building environment, positively impacting employee morale, cognitive thinking and productivity


unique employee and visitor experiences

Craft unique employee and visitor experiences that help imprint and improve your company brand value with efficiently managed audio and visuals.

modular yet scalable

Future proofed platform that is modular yet scalable. Supports both legacy as well as emerging solutions with IoT standards.

30% in office space

Optimize space and save up to 30% in office space reducing your real estate costs.

10% to 30%

Reduce infrastructure as well as maintenance costs by 10% to 30%


Improve facility operations staff efficiency by over 50%.

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