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TransitEye powered by Digital Blanket

This is an integrated solution that provides visibility of employees using company’s transport for their office commute. The TransitEye solution helps improve employee safety and security during transport in company authorized vehicles by tracking specific employees in specific vehicles based on routes.This solution has a patent pending hardware and software components. The hardware includes the employee badge holder with the tag, a reader and gateway. The software provides secure data collection, aggregation, correlation and analytics solution.

key features


Visibility - Near Real-time visibility of In-Transit Employees.

RF Technology

RF Technology – Checks for the presence or absence of a specific employee in a designated route without manual intervention.

Cloud Hosted Solution

Cloud Hosted Solution – Enables swift provisioning of services and hassle-free maintenance.

Fault Tolerance

Fault Tolerance – Continuously collects data and administers even during outages - such as loss of connectivity to the cloud. This is done through offline data collection, which is synchronised when the connection is re-established

Device Health Monitoring

Device Health Monitoring – Continuously monitors the health of the Readers and RF tags when in contact with Reader.

Integration ability

Integration ability with third party Transport management system for Vehicle rostering, GPS location and employee data.

Comprehensive reporting

Comprehensive reporting for vehicles includes employees, employee on-boarded time, off-boarded time, travel duration and mismatch if any.

Future proof

Future proof, TransitEye Tags can also perform many other functions like employee presence, room and desk occupancy, disaster reporting, time & attendance etc within office premises. (Optional: requires deployment of readers in office premises).

IP65 rated device

IP65 rated device ensures protection from water spray and dust ingress.


  • Centralized Command & Control- Integrated view of building environments across buildings through the IoT platform. Integrating a variety of systems and other building services to achieve a unified view.

  • Scalable Agent based architecture- Distributed data processing engine enables scalability to keep up with the growth in infrastructure and data elements.

  • Supports diverse data types and sources-legacy systems and emerging solutions based on new IoT standards

  • Simplified Administration & Management of Smart building applications through a single window across all heterogeneous applications

  • Pre-configured KPI’s, descriptive and predictive dashboards with flexibility to personalize the visualization layer.


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