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Intelligent Building Management System

The IBMS module is a unique approach towards comprehensive building automation through monitoring, metering, management, measurement, analytics and correlated action to achieve positive user impact while increasing efficiency.

key features

Automation for command and control

Automation for command and control of building utility services like HVAC, Chiller Plant, CCTV, Access Control, LIFTS, Water etc.

Increase comfort of working environment

Increase comfort of working environment with automated control of thermal health and relative humidity based on occupancy

Logging, trending, time scheduling

Logging, trending, time scheduling, after hours building control, plant chiller and boiler sequencing, VAV/VRV/VRF/VFD control, air quality, ventilation and temperature control, user event management, control application programming and AHU control functionalities

Open architecture

Open architecture to integrate third party devices and systems including other BMS systems, DDC’s, Sensors, Meters, Ticketing systems for monitoring, automation and control.

Integrated service management solution

Integrated service management solution for automated ticketing of events, escalations and ensuring all that events are actioned without fail and within defined service levels.

Centralized alarms and events

Centralized alarms and events across systems and sub-systems in a building with completely GUI based (web & mobile) control and reporting with advanced analytics.


  • Centralized Command & Control- Integrated view of building environments across buildings through the IoT platform. Integrating a variety of systems and other building services to achieve a unified view.

  • Scalable Agent based architecture- Distributed data processing engine enables scalability to keep up with the growth in infrastructure and data elements.

  • Supports diverse data types and sources-legacy systems and emerging solutions based on new IoT standards

  • Simplified Administration & Management of Smart building applications through a single window across all heterogeneous applications

  • Pre-configured KPI’s, descriptive and predictive dashboards with flexibility to personalize the visualization layer.


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