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DB ENERGY powered by Digital Blanket

The typical challenges faced by a facility manager in managing their energy consumption is inaccuracies in manual meter reading process, billing inefficiencies, lack of insight into inefficiency of systems. Unmanaged power factor leads to power losses and also additional penalties. HVAC, lighting, diesel pilferage re some of the areas that can be considered for energy savings with the Energy Management System.

key features

Automatically collect real-time AMR

Automatically collect real-time energy meter readings (AMR), UPS readings and BMS data and indicate normal and abnormal operations.

Measure and compare power consumption

Measure and compare power consumption across buildings, department, zones, shifts and processes and allocate costs. Calculate the cost for energy usage based on tiered rates, & Power Factor penalties.

Algorithms for analysis of energy consumption

Algorithms for analysis of energy consumption, savings and wastage and optimization metrics to identify and prioritize best practices for energy savings.

Provides adapters for retro-fitting

Provides adapters for retro-fitting into existing environment including Grid, UPS, Diesel Generator, Gas, Lighting, HVAC, Solar etc. with control of HVAC & lighting based on zones, schedules and occupancy.

Analyse real-time and historical data

Analyse real-time and historical data to reveal energy usage trends and patterns, demand peaks, spare capacity for additional load, and relationships between equipment and the conditions affecting system stability.

Validate utility bills and billing errors

Validate utility bills and billing errors against totalized consumption.


  • Centralized Command & Control- Integrated view of building environments across buildings through the IoT platform. Integrating a variety of systems and other building services to achieve a unified view.

  • Scalable Agent based architecture- Distributed data processing engine enables scalability to keep up with the growth in infrastructure and data elements.

  • Supports diverse data types and sources-legacy systems and emerging solutions based on new IoT standards

  • Simplified Administration & Management of Smart building applications through a single window across all heterogeneous applications

  • Pre-configured KPI’s, descriptive and predictive dashboards with flexibility to personalize the visualization layer.


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