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Post COVID-19 strategy: Creating a safe,
healthy, hygienic and productive workplace

We are focused on creating a better workplace experience for your employees and visitors. Our technology solutions enable a smarter and efficient workplace that is safe, healthy, hygienic and productive.

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Defining A Smarter Workplace


The 3-30-300 principle focuses on the big impact that a smart building can have and the value it can deliver across multiple business outcomes

Organizations typically spend approximately $3 per square foot per year on utilities, $30 for rent and $300 per employee for payroll. This makes a strong case for organizations to lay emphasis on solutions that aim at providing a smarter and healthy building that improves occupant satisfaction and productivity.

Digital Blanket is an industry first integrated IoT solution that unlocks the value of the 3-30-300 components. Digital Blankets aims at creating a SMARTer Workplace that is connected, automated, healthy and productive. 

It achieves comprehensive building automation with monitoring, metering, management, measurement, analytics and correlated actions to achieve positive user impact and lower costs while boosting efficiency, giving your business an edge.



Enterprise IoT Platform


Centralized Command & Control


Open architecture to integrate third party devices


Centralized alarms and events


Correlation Analytics


Digital Blanket is a smart building technology that caters to addressing all the categories and ensuring we fully unlock the value of 3-30-300 components.

An open platform

An open platform for exciting new Building loT applications with real­time management.

Easily connect existing & new systems and infrastructure across locations

Easily connect existing & new systems and infrastructure across locations - normalize data across disparate initiatives to see associations, trends and areas for improvement.

Quickly build scalable solutions

Quickly build scalable solutions -
accelerate employee safety, security, health & productivity initiatives.

healthy building environment

Create a healthy building environment for employees.

Make services and data accessible, contextual and relevant to everyone

Make services and data accessible, contextual and relevant to everyone - engage employees with simple and easily accessible applications & services, when and where needed.

Enable sustainability

Enable sustainability - optimize power & water, reduce wastage and green gas emissions through automation.

Reduce maintenance & operation costs

Reduce maintenance & operation costs - improve reliability, & functionality, lower outages of all building systems with least manual intervention.

Facilitate data mining

Facilitate data mining for analytic insights and use insights for planning growth.

Manage a portfolio of smart buildings

Manage a portfolio of smart buildings that almost run on auto­pilot.


  • 2015 Control Trends Finalist in Building Analytics Software of the Year and Energy Savings Solution Product of the Year
  • Received a special award from The CEO Magazine for “25 fastest Growing IoT Companies in India”

news room

  • Graduated from Microsoft Accelerator batch 6
  • Sudhir Sarma featured in The CEO Magazine-

whats new

  • Digital Blanket version 2.0 is out!
  • Supports newer modules to broaden the scope of services
  • Enhancement to the policy engine for enhanced control and management
  • New & enhanced mobile user interface
  • Advanced correlation analytics enabling smarter decisions



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